Certifications are fundamental for every translation agency in order to guarantee the quality of its work.

International translation standards, such as ISO 17100 and ISO 9001, ensure high-quality processes, use of agreed terminology and compliance with privacy regulations. These certifications represent a competitive advantage, because companies that have obtained them can thereby demonstrate an elevated and accredited level of professionalism. Lastly, certifications provide clients and associates with a guarantee regarding the quality of the translation, ensuring that it meets industry standards.

Choosing a certified translation agency provides you with guarantees regarding the service on offer, giving you the peace of mind that the work will be performed by competent and reliable professionals.


ISO 9001:2015 certification

ISO 9001 certification is essential to ensure the services provided to clients are of the highest possible quality, and this is especially true for translation agencies.

Standard ISO 9001 is the most widely recognised quality management system on an international level and represents the best way to ensure client satisfaction. Obtaining certification means having implemented an effective quality management system based on continuous process evaluation, performance monitoring and ongoing improvement.

ISO 9001 certification gives Swiss Translations a competitive advantage over the rest of the market, because it demonstrates that the company is seriously dedicated to providing high-quality services. Clients can therefore feel confident and place their trust in its ability to provide professional translations, meeting deadlines and budgets.

Furthermore, ISO 9001 certification represents an ongoing commitment to quality and this translates to more efficient production and management processes, more motivated staff and increased client satisfaction.

In short, for a Swiss translation agency, ISO 9001 certification represents an important investment that guarantees better management of the services on offer, boosting its standing on an international level.

ISO 17100:2015 certification

Swiss Translations is aware of the importance of ensuring its language services are professional, in line with the high standards demanded by the global market. In order for a translation agency to provide its customers with a top-quality service, it is essential to have high international standards to ensure reliable and consistent results. In this sense, ISO 17100 certification is an element of fundamental importance.

The ISO 17100 international standard establishes clear and strict requirements for translation services, including the linguist selection process, the revision process, project management and the use of translation resources. Thanks to its ISO 17100 certification, Swiss Translation is able to guarantee higher quality and more reliable services.

In greater detail, ISO 17100 certification is essential for a Swiss translation agency in order to provide the very best business translations in all the official languages spoken in the country, as well as in other European and non-European languages. This certification also demonstrates Swiss Translations’ ongoing commitment to continuously improving its processes, maintaining its client-centric approach and its focus on communication and business requirements.

Lastly, the importance of ISO 17100 certification should not be underestimated: it contributes to more efficient international communication and business processes, boosting Switzerland’s reputation as a centre of culture, science and business.

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Data Confidentiality

Everyone who works with us is bound by professional secrecy and has signed a non-disclosure agreement, because data confidentiality and security is a priority for our company.

All the assignments we carry out will be kept strictly confidential. Our translators are very meticulous about this and always ensure that they comply with relevant standards.


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