General Conditions

Field of application

All services ordered from SCS International SAGL imply unreserved acceptance by the customer of the terms and conditions set forth below.

Confirmation of the assignment

2.1 The confirmation of the assignment must be made in writing via email, fax, or other mailing means. The Client undertakes to deliver to SCS International SAGL texts to be translated, in typewritten or printed form, via fax or e-mail, including related attachments in various formats (Word, PDF, jpg, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), mail or any other written means.

By confirming the assignment together with the approval of the quotation, the customer declares to be informed about the entire contents of these General Terms and to accept them, therefore, they are to be considered an integral part of the contract binding the customer and SCS International SAGL.

2.2 “translation” refers specifically to the faithful reproduction of a text into a desired language without any addition or modification to the content. Therefore, the translations will be carried out in accordance with the original text, in the literal sense or in accordance with the meaning of the text.

Texts of a technical nature should be accompanied by reference documents provided by the client and/or by images or designs which help to understand them; in the translation, technical terms are standardised according to the definitions given in any technical dictionary.

If required, the customer may ask for the use of a specific terminology provided by the customer itself but the reference material must be provided before carrying out the assignment, within the deadline specified by SCS International SAGL.

Customer participation

3.1 The customer must inform of any particular request concerning the assignment before commencement of its execution. Upon receiving the request, SCS International SAGL will confirm whether or not the assignment will be carried out as per the special request.

3.2 In the event of difficulties in understanding the text, the customer agrees to provide any information and documentation in its possession as may be necessary or useful to carry out the work (for example, similar texts, internal terminology and acronyms, glossaries, tables, figures, graphs, etc.).

Delivery time

4.1 The delivery terms specified in SCS International SAGL offers or indicated in the order confirmations are provided for indicative purposes only. The delivery date will be provided upon confirmation of the assignment.

In case of difficulty in understanding the text to be translated, the delivery time is extended for a period of time equivalent to the time required to do further research.

In the event that the client makes changes to the source text, the delivery time will be extended on the basis of them.

4.2 All texts will be sent to the customer via email. Other forwarding forms may be proposed by written agreement. The forwarding costs will be borne by the customer.

SCS International SAGL assumes no responsibility for delays due to network failures, fax or postal delays.

Invoicing rules

Prices are without VAT.

The invoicing address must be provided upon confirmation of the assignment.

In no case will it be possible to invoice a third party without the written consent of the parties. Except in the case of special agreements, SCS International SAGL invoices are net, without any discount and payable upon receipt. SCS International SAGL reserves the right to require payment in advance before beginning or continuing the execution of a task or to interrupt the ongoing work in the event of late payments.


Any complaint relating to the quality or delivery of the work ordered is taken into account only if forwarded to SCS International SAGL in writing no later than 5 business days after the delivery of the work. The complaint must be accompanied by the original documents and the disputed translations, together with a statement of the parts claimed to have been poorly translated. After this deadline we will not accept any complaint and the text will be considered as accepted.

In case of justified complaints, made within the period specified above, SCS International SAGL will make the necessary corrections as soon as possible, it being accepted that the price will remain due in its entirety.

If the customer, for whatever reason, does not want the text to be corrected, it will in no case be entitled to ask for a discount or to refuse payment of the invoice.

In no event can SCS International SAGL be held liable for claims based on stylistic nuances, especially for advertising and promotional material.

Pursuant to the mandatory statutory liability for gross negligence or illegal purposes, SCS International SAGL accepts no liability for any further claims and all liabilities of SCS International SAGL are limited to the amount of the invoice.


SCS International SAGL to provide the translation services required. At the request of the customer, it is possible to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Without an explicit different indication from the customer, SCS International SAGL considers, on an ordinary and standard basis, that the customer accepts the transmission of texts by e-mail, with relative attached file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and / or PDF). However, SCS International SAGL cannot guarantee 100% confidentiality, since electronic submission of data cannot exclude access to these texts by a third party.

SCS International SAGL is committed to analyse any virus or sabotage computer programs that should interfere in the communication by using the most innovative techniques. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee protection is a 100% safe against viruses and sabotage. The customer will be expressly warned of possible residual risks, as soon as, and in the case that SCS International SAGL is aware of them.

Early termination of the contract

The customer may, in accordance with Swiss law, terminate the contract in advance.

Notification of the termination of the contract must be in writing and the customer must bear all the costs arising from the contractual relationship until the time of termination.


SCS International SAGL accepts no liability for any damage that the client or third parties suffer, resulting from failure to fulfil its obligations.

The translations are intended for the exclusive use of the customer and any copy or commercial, advertising or different kind of use will fall under its sole responsibility with the total exemption of SCS International SAGL.

Governing law

All relations between SCS International SAGL and the customer are subject to the application of Swiss law only and any dispute arising between them will be exclusively competence of the of the ordinary courts having jurisdiction power at Balerna, where the Head Office of SCS International SAGL is located.